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 Poweroo is the one stop solution product line to charge gadgets in your motorcycle

Modern riders carry several portable electronic equipment while on the move, most of them with a limited autonomy on battery operation. Either it is a GPS, a smartphone, a MP3 player or another gadget, after some hours of operation they need to be charged.
tn bat iphoneThere is the need to take electrical energy from your motorcycle battery to charge the gadgets, but how? except a few makers such as BMW, the vast majority of motorcycles do not have a power socket installed from factory. Poweroo solves this problem, and in many different ways for you to choose.
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Poweroo products range from cigarette lighter type sockets, and DIN sockets to permanent installation chargers. What option to choose? it depends on your usage profile. Each solution haves its own usage profile, as per the table below this page.
Find the path in the diagram to the right along Poweroo products to charge your gadgets. 
From the outer ring (your gadgets) you reach motorcycle battery energy (center) trough the various Poweroo options.
In case you own a BMW, KTM or Triumph motorcycle most probably it haves already a factory installed DIN socket. Check our CLC product line for chargers compatible with them.
Now is time to click on one of the three options in the top of this page and get more detail about your choosen Poweroo solution. Enjoy the ride!





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thumb gzm-qlite-03raPERMANENT



Advantages:-Universal socket compatible with a wide range of car chargers available. Advantages:

-Firm connection vibration proof.


 Advantages:-Waterproof solution on the move-Minimum ammount of cables around handlebar area


-Only waterproof when not in use (cover cap on) / Relatively sensible to vibrations (common to all car lighter adapter systems)


-Only waterproof when not in use (cover cap on) 



Best to use as:

-Non-permanent way to charge gadgets

-Power socket for compressors and bike battery chargers

Best to use as:-Power point for gadgets, heated vests, compressors, bike battery chargers Best to use as: -Primary choice for gadget charging while on the move
Main features:-Complete and ready to install cable harness kits with waterproof components of automotive grade quality
Main features:-Complete and ready to install cable harness kits with waterproof components of automotive grade quality 

Main features:-Designed and built exclusively for motorcycles / High reliability electronics / High temperature design / Waterproof

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