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RAM-MOUNTS® solutions for motorcycles

tn ramlogo cinzentotn fzx750 RAM-MOUNTS product line offers an unparalleled range of solutions for mounting of electronic equipment on your motorcycle . The reliability of RAM parts is recognized worldwide, as well as its vibration damping capacity. These would have excellent reasons to decide for a RAM mounting system , but there are more. If you change your bike or GPS, smartphone or other equipment, your investment is safeguarded, and with the same components or with a minimum additional investment may continue to use the same system. The mounting system is based on fittings with rubber balls. These accessories are therefore linked, not only giving flexibility to the system, as well as the positioning of the supported equipment and configuration chosen, but also dampen vibrations.

A motorcycle is a demanding environment for electronic equipment due to vibrations. In the RAM-MOUNTS® products, a ball based system dampens vibrations, and additionally the various holders available keeps your smartphone, camera or other gadget firm and without the danger of jumping when on the move.
The purpose of this page is to help to know the options available and the steps to follow in setting up a mounting system. We need a base with ball that is permanently secured to the motorbike , an interconnection arm and an device holder.


There are several solutions for the mount of the base (first ball) on the handlebars area of the motorcycle, with virtually always a solution for the  various bike models. Check the following options best suited to your bike. You can also see all the bases available by clicking here.


  In this case, quite common, being the handlebar of your bike tubular, the base RAM-B-231Z is the most used option. It ships with two clamps in ' U' , one for diameters 19 to 25mm and the other up to 31.5mm. For lower diameters ( 15 mm ) an adapter is also supplied.
Being the most common application, there are two sets already available preconfigured, which are the simplest and most economical way to order this mounting system. After choosing one of these sets, simply choose the device holder you need in point 3 of this description. Note that in cases like the universal holder X -Grip or camera adapter, as these is already equipped with ball, these pre-configured sets do not become the most economical solution.  
Moreover , there may be questions about the choice of the medium or short arm. In most cases the short arm is preferable (set RAM -B- 149ZA).

 RAM-B-149Z -The mounting set RAM-B-149Z, with a medium lenght arm, contains all the RAM parts necessary to mount it on a bike with round tubular handlebars. To make the solution complete just add a holder RAM - HOL -XXX suitable for your device, be it a mobile phone, GPS , MP3, Smartphone or other. This kit contains the following RAM parts:

RAM-B-201 (1 piece) -metal arm medium lenght

RAM-B-231Z (1 piece) -Base for tubular handlebars

RAM-B-238 (1 piece) -Diamond shape base for the device holder

 RAM-B-149ZA -The mounting kit RAM-B-149ZA is identical to the previous one, but with a short arm and also contains all the necessary elements RAM mount it on a bike with round tubular handlebars. For its complete system just add an holder RAM-HOL-XXX suitable for your device, be it a mobile phone, GPS, MP3, Smartphone or another.

This kit contains the following RAM parts:

RAM-B-201 (1 piece) -metal arm short lenght

RAM-B-231Z (1 piece) -Base for tubular handlebars

RAM-B-238 (1 piece) -Diamond shape base for the device holder


 tn ram b 309 1uThe RAM-B-309-1 base allows mounting of the base ball i the clutch or brake clamp. This solution is the most used on bikes when the handlebar is not tubular or is covered with a plastic cover, such as the Honda Pan European ST1100 and ST1300 , Honda Integra, Honda Goldwing and many others. Optionally, there is available the RAM 309-2 -B- based , with two balls.


  In many motorcycles , especially in the R's, such as the Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha R1 , Honda CBR there is a hole in the steering column lock nut . RAM developed an innovative base for these cases, the RAM-B-342. It is a hard rubber cone via a clamping screw fixed to the base in the hole of the steering column . The product comes with various accessories in order to serve all motorcycle models. Thus, after assembled, it is visible only a small base with a ball B.  
In the picture below you can see the example of a complete system using the RAM -B -342 based on a Kawasaki 1400 .


 The RAM-B-345 and RAM-B-346 bases are intended to mount on top of the clutch and/or brake oil reservoirs.
In RAM-B-345 the ball is central. This base is intended especially for BMW motorbikes such as the R1200RT ( 2005-2013 ). 
In the RAM-B-346 the ball in the side . This base is widely used in maxiscooters as the Suzuki Burgman and others.

RAM-B-345                         RAM-B-346


 tn RAM B 360UIU1In some scooter models, the ideal solution to the RAM mounting base is in the mirrors mounting bores, whether they are being used or not, the base sandwiching to the mirror rod and the mirror fixture. The bases available are the RAM-B-252 (11mm hole), RAM-B-272 (9mm hole) or RAM-B-360 (mirror repositioning).

  tn RAM B 360U
         RAM-B-252                                      RAM-B-272                                               RAM-B-360


tn RAM B 367Utn RAM B 367UIU10The RAM-B-367 base replaces one of the screws that hold the clamp of the handlebar, available in a large number of bike models. This base allows a simple and elegant installation.



After choosing the base that best fits your bike, you need an arm that will connect the base to the device holder. The most common arm for motorbikes is RAM-B-201A , 1.75 " long, existing in option a medium arm and a long arm. 


The device holders can be specific to each device (eg, RAM-HOL-TO4 for GPS Tom Tom One), or universal, such as the RAM-HOL-UN7B. You can choose the suitable one for your device clicking here. You can also do a search for your device brand/model.
After choosing your support, and if it does not already have an integrated ball as the RAM-HOL-UN7B, ball base is required to connect the holder to the rest of the system. There are a few options for these bases, being the RAM-B-238 the most used. Check the ball base indicated on the product details page of the choosen holder.

Your mounting system should be now configured, but we still have some suggestions for you. With the same base and arm can still ride alternatively your camera:

tn RAP B 3661tn ram b 237u tn RAM B 202 GA63
tn RAP B 202 GOP1
  TRIPOD THREAD            TRIPOD THREAD               TRIPOD THREAD                     GOPRO          GARMIN VIRB (series 1)
     RAP-B-366                  RAM-B-237                     RAM-B-202A                 RAP-B-202-GOP1       RAM-B-202-GA63

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