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Motorcycle mount kit for the iPhone X with Sheltis weatherproof case

Motorcycle mount kit for the iPhone X with Sheltis weatherproof case, for bikes with tubular handlebar

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All you need to mount your iPhone X in your bike with a Sheltis weatherproof case.

SAVE 12.5% comparing to the price of all the parts when purchased separately!

Having your needs in mind we created this complete set for the mounting of your iPhone X in your motorcycle using the Sheltis weatherproof case. This kit is suitable for all bikes with tubular handlebar.  

No need anymore to order the parts separately. In a single pack you get all you need for an easy installation in your bike.

With tn_rain.jpg SHELTIS weatherproof case you can use your iPhone in the bike, protecting it from the rain, dust and vibrations. This SHELTIS model is compatible with iPhone X.

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SHELTIS is an hard case allowing the access to all iPhone functions. It includes a RAM® ball for an easy and secure intallation.



Specially if navigation apps are used, iPhone battery will get uncharged after a few hours. SHELTIS case allows the entrance of the charging cable to keep battery in charge whilst on the move.  

The iPhone sits inside the case in a rubber tray, protecting it from shock and vibration.


tn_touch.jpgtn_buttons_i5.jpgThe special screen protective cover of the SHELTIS case allows the operation of the iPhone screen when inside the case. Note that with rider gloves the operation of the screen is not possible. All iPhone buttons can be pressed from the outside of the case, such as Home, Sleep, and Volume. 


This kit includes all the parts needed for mounting on a tubular handlebar:


tn_iph6_kit_2_full.jpgSheltis weatherproof case with RAM ball

Compatible with iPhone X

Aluminum arm

Interconnects the ball in the case with the one in the handlebar base allowing an easy removal


Base with ball for the handlebar

Supplied with 'U' bolts for handlebars up to 25mm in diameter as well as up to 31.5mm Also includes an adapter for smaller tubes.

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